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Contact Field Changing Incorrectly

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Contact Field Changing Incorrectly

ACT Version:, Hot Fix 5


ACT is setup with Outlook Integration to Office 365.


Client is seeing Contact Field change automatically to incorrect values.  


Ex.  Company Name was correct by Contact Field changed from Francisco to kathy.


How does ACT get the Contact field value when contact is initially created by the Outlook integration?  What would trigger a change in the Contact Field?  Why would their be no history of the Contact field change in the contact itself within the History?  


Can this be something with the Outlook Integration (Outlook Versions 2010-2016) are in use or could this have been a human error?




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Re: Contact Field Changing Incorrectly

Hi tekiegeek,


To answer your questions:


  1. Act gets the contact field value from the Outlook address book or email alias name when initially creating the contact though Outlook integration.
  2. If 2-way sync is in place, then a change of the contact name in Outlook will change the contact field in Act, and vice versa.
  3. The contact field, by default, does not generate history on change of value. This can be enabled from Tools > Define Fields.

This could have been caused by human error, although there could be other reasons why it happened.


How many other people are using the database and syncing with Outlook?

Are there any external programs syncing address books or Outlook data? 

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Re: Contact Field Changing Incorrectly

Hi Gary,


Thanks for getting back to me.  Exactly what I had thought.


I will enable the Tracking of History to see what is going on.


There are approximately 5 people syncing with the Database and Outlook.  No other external programs are syncing.