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Connecting to ACT! database over VPN using ACT! 2013

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Connecting to ACT! database over VPN using ACT! 2013

I am trying to use ACT! 2013 at a remote office connected to the ACT! server via a VPN.  Workstations at the main office work correctly.  But I am getting an error when trying to connect from the remote office.  I can browse to the shared ACT! folder from the remote office.  I copied the PAD file to the remote computers.  I modified the PAD file so the server's IP address is used rather than name because the initial error was that ACT! couldn't resolve the name of the server.  At the remote computers I get to the initial login to the ACT! database, but when I login I get an error indicating that the dabase was found, but I do not have the appropriate share permissions.


The database is shared and the account I'm using works when in the main office.  The path to the database in the PAD file is the local path.  Using a URL doesn't make a difference.  I suppose I need to know how to edit the PAD file so it can enter the remote database.



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Re: Connecting to ACT! database over VPN using ACT! 2013

First ... it's not usually a good thing to access ACT! via VPN. The overhead of VPN protocol slows the access down a lot. Best to use remote desktop or sync.


If you must use VPN, try changing the database naming to the IP as per the bottom of this ACT! Knowledge Base article -


VPNs often don't propagate the Netbios names