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Confirm change to contact or company?

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Confirm change to contact or company?

I suppose this has been asked before, but is there a way to make ACT! 2012 ask for confirmation before recording a change to a record?  I accidently touched the letter c while in a Company record and after syncing, ACT! and Outlook both had the company listed as "ABC Companyc".  Luckly I caught it, but if ACT! asked for confirmation of a change like Outlook and most other Contact Managers, it wouldn't have happened.

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Re: Confirm change to contact or company?

Hey, I TOTALLY second this suggestion.  MY previous CRM required us to POSITIVELY accept that we were making a chg to a client record, by acknowledging the fact we wanted to Save the chgs.


This prevented inadvertent changes, and is well worth the need for an extra Click of the mouse.


It is WAY too easy to maek an accidental chg to a record, and you might NEVER KNOW that you just made a contact unfindable in future cus his name now has punctuation in it .....


The s/w should be able to detect whether chgs have been made, and before leavign a record, ask us to confirm changes .... if no chgs were made (ie. referred to the rtecord only) then we can leave without add'l step.. ..


This should be a DB Admin Setting ..... It is so simple, and done in so many other s/w's this should be an option so new users (eg anyone who comes from some other CRM or us used to most other s/w) who are used to the add'l protection of a Confirm Save Chgs  .... existing Act users who don't mind the way it works today, can leave it as is .....