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Complete Newbie Question

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Complete Newbie Question

I used Sage ACT at work last year and found it to be very useful for organizing contact information. My question is, how will I be able to get ACT up and running on my computer? Is there specific knowledge I need to have/learn before purchasing it, such as knowledge of creating databases?

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Re: Complete Newbie Question

Not from my point of view.  I have been using ACT a long time and I dont consider myself a techo although I know it fairly well.  It comes with a sample database straight out of the box.  Adding custom fields is easy just select  \tools\define fields\add.  There are a few traps if you sync with an iPhone.  You really need Companion link as the ACT sync via Outlook chops off the country code which is a pain as it stops you dialling depensing on which country you are in.  I have been told this will be fixed.


I have a few issues with ver 13 but have been using it since ver 1.0 and I am a big fan despite my current challenges.



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Re: Complete Newbie Question

You do not need to have any knowledge of database architecture.  It is a program designed for the single user and for a group of users; although, once you go into a multi-user environment the demands of the ACT administrator will increase.


Feel confident in the simplicity and your taking advantage of some of its features will come with time.


Should you proceed ... BACKUP every day. 


I also believe you can test drive it on yoru computer by downloading it directly from the ACT website. 

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Re: Complete Newbie Question

ACT! should be easy enough for you to install, then click on Help / Feature Tours to get some quick training. Cheers - FSB

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