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Company not appearing in lookup after creation [RESOLVED]

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Company not appearing in lookup after creation [RESOLVED]

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EDIT: I must be running low on sleep. I simply went to the contact page, clicked Companies > Link to Company. Selected "ABC Company" and it linked. I can't believe I spent over an hour trying to figure this out. -.-

Original Post Below

I started using Sage ACT! Database* at my place of employment recently. I've quickly adapted to most aspects, and have found it to be vastly superior to Access and remarkably user-friendly. Recently, however; I was forced to create a company because it had only been entered as the company of 5 contacts in the system, but not made as an actual company in the database with its own page for information regarding the company.

I created this company, input all of the information, and saved it. I also added the 5 contacts to it and saved it. The problem is that when I run a lookup for "ABC Company**," the only results I get are of the contacts that were originally there. No link to the company's profile. If I run a lookup for contact and lookup a member of the company, they show up for each company they are a part of, but not as part of the company I just created. I even tried modifying the company's name that I created so it would differ from what the original contacts had typed in their company field, to no avail.


I have saved it many times, and even exited the program and launched again. I am only able to find the company in the list on the Company tab. The company information remains as I entered it and the Contacts are still listed as part of the company, but I can still not see them on a lookup, nor can I get to the Company page by link. Is there a step I've missed in linking the Contacts to this freshly made Company?


Any help would be appreciated; the paperwork at my desk is piling up and I'm not able to complete most of it that requires me to enter new companies without solving this problem.


Many thanks,



*I am operating in ACT! by Sage 2009 (11.0) Version
**Company name edited for privacy reasons