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Company name appears as hyperlink

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Company name appears as hyperlink

Morning all from Bonnie Scotland!

Am using Sage Act Pro 2012 Ver 14.0.572.0 and somehow or other the names in my Contacts Company field  mostly all now appear as hyperlinks. We have several users on this account but, of course, "no-one has done anything" to cause this to appear!

I can reverse the process by unlinking using the epsilon beside Company name - but this I have had to do with each individual account.

Does anyone know of a way in which I can change all affected accounts in one fell swoop? - as my little digits are beginning to rebel at such harsh treatment as has been handed out to them over the past couple of hours!!

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Re: Company name appears as hyperlink

The hyperlinks are links to the company view of ACT.  

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Re: Company name appears as hyperlink

Hello Ronnie.


The post from Jon Klubnik is absolutely correct. 


There are a couple of assumptions one could make from your post. 


1.  Are you new to ACT and needed to know why how the company name became hyperlinked? 


2.  Have you been using ACT for a while and "all of a sudden" the company names became hyperlinked? 


If you or no other user started using the company view, there there might be a bigger problem, but I suspect not.  On the other hand, if a company was created from a contact, then that is a normal result. 


Before we respond much further, can you let us know if this is a problem.  If it is a problem, how is it perceived to be so? 



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Re: Company name appears as hyperlink

Morning John and thank you for your reply


Your bullet point 2 is correct - an "overnight phenomenon"!!


This is not a problem per se, but I am one of those obsessives (!) who like uniformity and when for instance I lookup All Contacts I have some Company names with and others without the hyperlink. I'm really just doing (a somewhat belated) Spring clean.