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Company List View vs. Contact List View

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Company List View vs. Contact List View

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We use the Company List and Contact List Views extensively.  Are these lists completely independent of one another? 


My example is we have linked fields for Companies and Contacts.  Some of these fields are custom, i.e. Size of the company. 


If I use the Company list and have the company size field in the list, and I have the same list for Contacts with the company size showing,many times they do not match.  Are the fields for each of these list views completely independent?  If they are truly linked, do I have to go to each company and tell it to update the linked fields for each of the contacts associated with the company to make sure the list views are in sync.  

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Re: Company List View vs. Contact List View

Unfortunately, the two are not linked.  In the database storing your ACT data, there is a table of Company fields (associated with the Company layout) and there is a table of Contact fields (associated with the Contact layout).  In your example, the {Company Size} field exists in both the Company layout and Contact layout, but they are in fact different fields.  The only thing that makes them the "same" is the fact that you created a field with the same name in the Companies layout and the Contacts layout.  My advice would be to use any Company-specific data (Company Size, etc) on the Company layout and not in your Contact layout.  Otherwise, you'll be manually updating the fields in both places, which is redundant.  In my opinion, by using Companies and the associated layout as it was intended, Company level data shouldn't be put in the Contact layout to begin with.  But, I guess it all depends on how you organize and administer your data.  Hope this helps.