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Company Groups

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Company Groups

I'm a relatively new user but have spent considerable time with books and knowledge base research. This has stumped me:


I want to build a number of groups from my list of companies so that I can export all the contacts within those company groups to Excel and a individual contact mail list. I'm struggling with figuring out how one creates a group of companies (not just individual contacts) so this list can be managed at that company level. I hope to move companies (and all the associated contacts) in-and-out of the group from time to time. Is this all possible?

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Re: Company Groups

I'm a little unclear what exactly your trying to do. It is not possible to create a group of companies in ACT but I strongly suspect it is not necessary. Can you clarify what exactly your trying to achiive as there is likely a way to do it if not by a slighlty different method.
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Re: Company Groups

Here is a suggestion that you might try:


* Create a new group and give it an appropriate name
* Select the "Add/Remove Contacts" button
* Use the "Dynamic members" feature [instead of "Static members"] and select the "Edit Criteria" button
* Fill in the following: Type = Contact; Field name = Company; Operator = Contains [or you could also 'use equal' to or 'starts with']; Value = [type in company name that you want on the list]
* Make sure the "And/Or" feature for each company is set to "Or"

The downside to this method is that you have to create a separate line item for each company name.  This may be prohibitive if you have a lot of campany names.  The good news though is that it is dynamic, so contact names should be added/deleted automatically.  Once you have the group setup, all of the contact information can be exported as you desire.


I use the "Dynamic members" feature for most of my lists in conjunction with personalized data fields that I have created.  It sure beats adding/removing individual records.  I would suggest just including only a couple of company names initially, just to confirm that this method works for you.  Goodluck.



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