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Company Field

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Company Field

I am definitely new to ACT, but have it mostly set up and working fine, but I have opportunities that I have input into ACT and also associated companies with each opportunity, but when I go to the "List View" on the "Opportunities" tab, the Company column is blank.  I can go the "Companies" tab and see all my companies listed and I can click on them and see all opportunities with that particular company.  It's just in the "List View" on the Opportunities tab where it isn't showing up... Any suggestions?

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Re: Company Field

I'm not sure I entirely understand what you are after, but you can add the "Associated With..." column to the Opportunity List view, or the list view on an Opportunity Tab. From either view, right click the list and select "Customize Columns". From the Available Columns list, add the "Associated With" column. Then you will see 1 or more companies/groups associated with each Opp.