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ACT! by Sage 2009 (11.0) Version, Hotfix 4
English (United Kingdom)

Working on remote database.


When I open the Companies Details (Tree) view it always opens to a particular Division of a particular company

(for example: Hierachcy Widget and Cogs Conglomorate/Company Widgets Ltd)


Widgets Ltd is the one always the "default"


When trying to create divisions for other Companies (Metals Conglomerate), I click/highlight Metals Conglom and use toolbar/menu or right mouse New Division.


When I do this, Hierachcy Widget and Cogs Group/Company Widgets Ltd  comes up on the layout as if I am trying to create a division of Widgets Ltd.


I have to go back to the tree, re-highlight Metals Congolm, go through the procedure again to create the new division (Metal Brackets).


But when pressing F5 to refresh so the heirarchy is shown  Hierachcy Widget and Cogs Conglomorate/Company Widgets Ltd comes up again.


However, Metal Brackets is shown as a division of Metal Conglom.


Any idea of what is going on?