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Communicating between ACT! and SAGE 50 Accounts Databases...

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Communicating between ACT! and SAGE 50 Accounts Databases...

Hi Everybody,


I hope you might be able to help me out with this task...


Basically I have a database in ACT! by SAGE Premium and another seperate database in SAGE 50 Accounts. In each of these databases there is a table  that is essentially a product/price list. This table changes on a daily basis in SAGE 50 Accounts, and any and all changes are then manually updated in the ACT! database by hand. This is becoming a time consuming process of data replication and I hope that there is some way of automating the process.


What I imagine a possible solution might be is to have a seperate database maintainence application (I have downloaded a trial of TOAD for this) which is able to connect to both databases and will have a scheduled SQL script that runs at a specified time and performs the updates on the ACT! database.


However I am not having any success in enabling TOAD to communicate with the databases. Is what I want to achieve even possible in this way? And if so, what do I need to set up to allow communication with the databases (e.g. MS SQL server, odbc drivers, etc...)


Thanks in advance for your kind help,