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Combine Results of 2 Groups?

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Combine Results of 2 Groups?

Instead of storing both a husband and wife as separate contacts in my Act Database, I much prefer to have them in 1 contact record.  As such, I have created spouse fields to match those that line up with the main contact's fields.


One of things i'd like to do is have a report of all my contacts' upcoming birthdays.  Is there a way to create a report that would allow me to see all the upcoming birthdays for both the main contact and the spouse as a combined view? For instance, if both the main contact and the spouse have an upcoming birthday within the next 30 days, I'd like to see them as separate entries.


One way I thought of doing this is creating one group for birthdays of my main contacts, then a 2nd group just for spouses, and then somehow combining the two groups.


Any ideas/suggestions?

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Re: Combine Results of 2 Groups?

Hello PJStylish -


First, I am not an engineer and one of the gurus on this board may trump my response.  However, since both fields are in the same contact record, I don't see how it can be done.


Now, having said that, I might suggest doing a lookup using boolean logic for either birthday field.  This should give you a list of contacts that meet the criteria.  Then customize the columns with contact, birthdate, spouse, birthdate and export it to Excel.


Otherwise, for a more formal report, you can reach out to one of the specialist on this board who know more about report writing than Sage does.  Keep in mind, that this is their profession.


Good luck.

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