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Com Add ins for Word - File Location Missing...

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Com Add ins for Word - File Location Missing...



I have Sage ACT! Pro 2012 Version


Running Windows 7 x64


I Have Office 2010.


This is my new computer, on my old computer, everything works just fine (we still have it here in the office for another employee). 


Here is the issue. I cannot write a letter and then attach that letter to history with my new computer.




I have uninstalled and reinstalled Act.


I have attempted to enable the com add-ins in Word. Here is the problem, when you go to manage the com add-ins and tick the box next to the Act! Documents Tab Add-In --- The location is missing,  and Load behavior does say "Load at startup".


But when you tick the box, close it, and open it up again, it has the typical error becasue the location isn't specified.


I have edited the registry key which keeps defaulting back from 3 to 2. 


I have reinstalled all the .NET framework


I have downloaded and copy/pasted mscoree.dll to my System32 folder.... all to no avail.



PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help. I am so frustrated over this.


Not only am I not able to attach a letter to history, I cannot edit any of the Templates because the mail merge fields won't show up either. Because the add-in isn't there...


Thank you in advance.





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Re: Com Add ins for Word - File Location Missing...

Most likely caused by the Windows UAC. Try disabling or make an exception for the ACT! program or try running ACT! as the administrator. Right click on the ACT! icon and choose Run as Administrator.

Roy Laudenslager
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Re: Com Add ins for Word - File Location Missing...

Thank you, but I have already disabled the UAC completely. And I installed Act as administrator and I have tried the "right click run as administrator". 


Any other suggestions?