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Coding activities by type and result

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Coding activities by type and result

In trying out Act as a replacement for Goldmine, I've hit a stumbling block, and hope there's a workaround.


In GM, I can code a new call / to-do / appt by categories, and then when I complete the call, I can code the result.  This is important to me, because I make many calls to current clients that don't need codes or reporting, other than being in history.


But when I call a new prospective client, I like to code the call as NEW.  Then when I complete the call, I can code it as, for instance, scheduled with me, scheduled with a colleague, referred out (and for what reason), etc.  Is there a way to add this functionality to Act's call list?

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Re: Coding activities by type and result

I may have found a partial answer.  Looks like I can create a custom activity (New Person Call), and a custom list of result codes, like DT appt, Other therapist appt., Referred Out, etc.  Am I correct in assuming I can make a report that will let me sort all New people calls by their Custom result codes, for a date range?


By the way, is there a good reference book for Act 2010?  Or is the 2007 up to date enough for this?  I will be using Relationships a lot, so I'll need input to this.


Thanks for all help.  It's a little tough to find the answers to some of this without already working on a full database.




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Re: Coding activities by type and result

Without knowing exactly what you need from the report, you may want to try the Activities report.  It has the ability to report on the results of a Lookup and then specify which Activity Types (your custom included) to report on, and you can specify a date range.  There is an option for showing/not showing 'Cleared Activities' also.  If this report is close to what you need, you may be able to edit it and additional information that you need.


Of course I would have to recommend the 2010 manual... but the 2007 manual should handle most of the basics of the program.  When you get to a gap in the information you can use the Help > Help Topics option to look up more current information.

Greg Martin
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Re: Coding activities by type and result

Glad you moved up from GM..    I'm not sure 100% as to your goal but

for starters;

  In ACT!'s Toolbar under HELP, select: Feature Tours to get some quickstart training in ACT! ex; Finding Information in ACT!

ACT! is very powerful and there are multiple ways to accomplish your goal.


From your ACT! toolbar select

  Schedule >     Manage  >  Activity Types   - and create your Custom Activity.

        The Associate With and Regarding fields in your Custom Scheduling window also help you take full advantage

I have custom Activity Types for my ACT! Add-on product. This may or may not be your best solution?

Cheers - FSB



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