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Client look up

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Client look up

I am trying to look up all clients how we have held at least 5 meeting of the past year.


Can this be done.



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Re: Client look up

Queries preformed on date fields aren't capable of quantifying numerical data. Or in more simple terms it isn't possible as far as I know. If you were to make a field and update it each time you had a meeting this would be possible, however this field would have to have a data type of numeric.
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Re: Client look up

Your message isn't all that specifc, but if I understand your need correctly, there are a few ways to achieve your goal.

Yes 1 way is to create a new field with numeric value, or a character field can also achieve goal.

Basicly it would serve as a Meeting Counter and you can always right mouse click on that field and search it for any specific value.


Good luck - Cheers - FSB





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Re: Client look up

If you have ACT 2009 you could also probably get at this information by using the Task List. First show cleared meetings (Options > Show cleared) then filter on the date range and type, then export what remains to Excel where you could sort by "Scheduled with" then use sub-totals to count the meetings.


A bit clunky, but might just help!



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