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Cleaning up an old database

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Cleaning up an old database

Long time user of ACT but have never needed to do this before. I am hoping that someone can assist me so that I dont corrupt my database or lock myself out of it. Essentially I have a customer database that has too many users/managers listed (pick tools, manage users) and my license tells me that I dont have enough licenses for all users so it lists one of the two users as "active-pending log in". Not a problem but I would like to delete one of the users because I cannot seem to be able to edit the "contact name" field to change the value to my name. Its a long story that I wont bother you with but somehow the main contact name in the database shifted from mine to another contact (not sure how this happened) and although I log in under my name and login the contact name is still this other person who is a random name in the database??? Anyway, I would like to edit this contact name but it is grayed out and therefore I cannot modify it. I have created a new user under my name and think that I can simply delete the other contact name and account and during the process simply transfer the contacts to my new account. However I am afraid that the login might not work so I have been hesitant to try this. If anyone has a way of managing the contact names for control of the database and could help me to solve this challenge please email me at with the details.


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Re: Cleaning up an old database