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Changing default view

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Changing default view

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I am using Sage Act Pro 2011 and I keep changing my default view to contacts and after a few days it keeps switching back to the welcome screen. How to I make the change stay?


Nickel Super Contributor
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Re: Changing default view



  What version of Windows are you running in?  If you're in Windows Vista or higher, try this:


1.  Close out of Act!

2.  Right click the Act! Icon

3.  Click Run as Administrator

4.  Once you get into Act! change your startup view to something different than what it is now, and click Apply

5. Change it to Contact View again, and click Apply/OK.

6. Close Act!

7. Reopen it normally and test to see if your setting stays over the next few days.

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Re: Changing default view

Thank you for getting back to me. I did as directed and we will see what happens.