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Changed database files name, now what?

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Changed database files name, now what?

I wasn't paying attention and changed the name of almost all my database files. Now I have two copies of each of my files, one that reads with no spaces in the name and includes a dash or underscore in it, and the other (the one that I made) reads with spaces in the name. The problem is, I had specific templates in my files that I made, and now the file without spaces (still has a dash or an underscore) has new templates, while the one that I renamed with spaces in the name, has the templates that I named!!! I hope this makes sense, Please help!!! I don't know how to fix this problem.
I was thinking about copying my templates from the database file that I changed, and putting them back into my original database file.?.?
If you have any ideas, please let me know
Thank you
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Re: Changed database files name, now what?

You will not be able to use an ACT! database if you change the name of the files.
Assuming you're using 7.0 or later, you need to do a File | Backup
Then File | Restore | Restore As - you can then enter the name and location