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Change Scheduled Activity User

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Change Scheduled Activity User

We are experiencing difficulty clearing previously scheduled activities.

We have recently switched from an older single Admin user version of ACT to ACT Pro V18 with multiple users.  We have changed the Record Manager for prospects using a sort and Change Field which worked well.  Our problem now is all of the previously scheduled activities won't allow the new record manager to clear, unless we change security levels. 

Is there some way to mass change the user/record manager for the previously scheduled activities similar to the Mass Change Field in prospects?


Thank you in advance for any suggestions.


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Re: Change Scheduled Activity User

Hi Russ,

There may be an Addon that could perform this change en masse for these activities. I don't know of one offhand though i'm afraid.

If the user you are reassigning these contacts and activities from is no longer an active user, when you delete the old user, Act will give you the option to reassign all activities, notes and histories for that user to another user.
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Re: Change Scheduled Activity User

I have written an addon that will do it called Territory Manager.  You can find it and my other addons at



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