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Cant synchronize remote database

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Cant synchronize remote database

I am running Act 2007 hotfix one with 2 licenses.  I created a remote database on my laptop and used it successfully for a few weeks.  My main database in on a server.  The Act program is the standard one (not the one for 5 or more users).  I opened the main database on the server and enabled synchronization.  I put the laptop on the network (connected with a router all wired, no wireless).  I opened the remote database and selected synchronize now.  It did not work and I got the following error message


Act is unable to connect to the synch server.  Check to be sure “incoming synch “ is enabled in the main database and that the Network synch service is running.  Also be sure you are connected to your network.  Contact your administrator for assistance.


I did activate accept incoming synch on the server.  I don’t know what Network synch service is or where to find it if applicable.  Any suggestions on how I can get my remote database to synch?

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Re: Cant synchronize remote database

@roden2000 wrote:

I created a remote database on my laptop and used it successfully for a few weeks.  .



 That line implies that you created the RDB on the laptop rather than on the server. Just where did you create the RDB? After first installing the RDB, were you ever able to sync?
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Re: created synchronize remote database

I created the remote database on the server and delivered it to the laptop.


HOORAY!!!!  I solved the problem by finding an arcticle on the knowledgebase showing a step I missed.  The server was incorrectly named on the laptop for synchronization.  I changed the name in the sych panel and wala.  Synchronization successful.  Thanks.