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Cant Open Database

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Cant Open Database

This is odd...... I want to open a database already made. Lets call it "XYZ" I click on "OPEN DATABASE" then click XYZ.ADF file to open.

Then a popup windows opens "ACT! will now verify the Database"

I click OK then an error window opens saying "Database XYZ already exists. Choose a different database name."


Well YEAH! I know it exists! Thats why Im trying to open the darn thing!


Its a DEMO file.... does that make a difference? Smiley Sad


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Re: Cant Open Database

When you click on a .ADF file, it assumes that you're opening a database to be attached.  Is there a .PAD file that you can click on instead?  It's just how the .ADF file is recognized by the program, it assumes it has to verify and attach the database, but the .PAD file is the pointer file to a qualified database.  Let us know how that works.

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