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Cannot view the daily calendar

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Cannot view the daily calendar

Does anyone have any idea as to how to set the daily view of the calendar?  All we get is the monthly view and there is not a bar to move over to view the daily.  Thank you.
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Re: Cannot view the daily calendar

Open your ACT....
On the left hand side of the screen you will see the following:  Contacts, Groups, Companies, Calendar etc.  Click on the calendar.
Along the tool bar you should see the following:   Print, Today, Daily, Work Week, Weekly, Monthly etc.
Client on daily and that's all you need to do.
Good luck
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Re: Cannot view the daily calendar

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Re: Cannot view the daily calendar



I appear to be having the same problem. Although it's not a simple case of not clicking the correct button.


I can't see the preview pane which would normally show that day's (that week's/month's) activities. Normally, the calendar view would show me (from left to right): my quick menu bar, the preview pane, the mini calendar bar. It appears as though the mini calendar bar has stretched itself completely over where the preview pane would normally be.


I've tried stretching it back, but the preview pane does not appear to be there. I can click TODAY, DAILY, etc., but this does not make the preview pane appear.


Is there some setting which would take away this preview pane, which I could turn back on?


By the way, I've tried un-installing/re-installing and also tried using the Demo Database. Problem remains.



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Re: Cannot view the daily calendar



I think that my system has the same problem as Robin's. I cannot see the full day, week or month view, only a row of mini calendars at the top of the page. 


I used to use ACT! 6.0 on the same machine, which worked fine. I tried adjusting the DPI setting in the graphics properties to normal. I also tried updating to 10.0.2. Still no difference.


I'm running a Dell XPS laptop, Windows XP SP2, NVidia GeForce Go 6800 graphics, ACT! 2008 Premium



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Re: Cannot view the daily calendar

I have the same problem.......


seems to be a common theme with  many.....


i tried everything i could think of.....but all I see is the minicalender stretched accross the top

it dosnt matter what calender view you try....same result


hope a fix comes soon

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Re: Cannot view the daily calendar



For all users experiencing this issue, you will need to reset your preferences and make sure your DPI setting is on Normal (96) and not on 120.


First, right click on your desktop and go to Properties.

Once in the Properties Window, click on Settings

Click the Advanced button, then the General Tab

If the DPI Setting does not show 96, change it to 96.

Click Apply/Ok out of the dialogue boxes and reboot the machine.


Once the reboot is done, you will need to reset your preferences.

***Very Important*** If you are using Internet Mail through ACT, you will need to back it up prior to removing the preferences.

To Remove the preferences go to Start / Run and type in %appdata%

Once in the Application Data folder, open the ACT folder

You will see a Preferences Folder, delete it.

Still in the ACT folder, find 1 or more files with the name PreferencesBAK.xml

- depending on how old these preferences are, you may have four of these files that are labeled with a number

Delete all that you find.

One last location, got to C:\Program Files\ACT\ACT For Windows and find a file called Preferences.xml and delete it.


Now open ACT, you will get the 'Getting Started' wizard, complete that and your calendar should be back to normal.


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Re: Cannot view the daily calendar

And what are the instructions for those using Windows Vista please?


Thank you



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Re: Cannot view the daily calendar



The following KB will having the instructions for Vista.


Please see the following on-line Knowledge Base (KB) document.

Calendar View Shows All Mini Calendars


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Re: Cannot view the daily calendar

ACT 12  My problem is slightly different. Once I display daily calendar, I cannot return to monthly view. Using Vista.