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Cannot save Doc as .ADT

Nickel Contributor
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Cannot save Doc as .ADT

ACT! 2010 Version 12 - MS Word 2007.


When I create a Write/New Letter/Email Template, Word opens with the Add Mail Merge Fields box but when I try Save As I have to name the file with quotation marks. Example - "New Letter.ADT"


What is causing this?

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Re: Cannot save Doc as .ADT



This is a known problem currently with no solution yet.


See the following KB article for more information:

Adrian VanderLaan
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Re: Cannot save Doc as .ADT

I have now moved on to Act! v 17 and have updgraded to Windows 10 with Office 2016. It is such a pain not being able to create templates normally and have had issues even trying to save as "template.adt" in speech marks as this has not worked either for me lately. I can't even go into the folder and change it there - it just stays as a Word document.

However I have just found a different option which is instead of Save As, you can export it to a different file type (however it is still a Word document, but allows you to save it with speech marks). When you have modified the template, go to File, Export, Change File Type, the double click on Save as Another File Type, and then you can have the file name.adt with speech marks - e.g. "template.adt" It will then save as a template which you can open and find within Act. I hope that helps someone.
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Re: Cannot save Doc as .ADT

Hi Ollie, thanks very much for that post, I will see if I can get that suggestion added to our Knowledgebase articles.