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Cannot restore or Open my database

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Cannot restore or Open my database

I have ACT 2008 v10


2 days ago i was using my 700 record contact file with no problem. Then all of the sudden it could not be found. I have multiple places where either "zipped backups" or the actual pad, alf, and adf files are (even though they were saved at different times.) The different places date back to a time when i did not understand drives, folders, etc., and being consistent.


I went thru a total XP reinstall on this Dell desktop a few months ago and after reloading my user files, was not sure if the ACT file that was working days ago was the most recent.


i did a search on my three drives (c: partition, d: partition, as well as my external hard drive f:. I began copying all of the various saves (zipped and regular) into one location, with subfolders for each group.


I notice that one of the zipped files has a 154,000 kb size noted. But I accidently deleted it using SHIFT + DELETE. I downloaded a recovery utility. But when i recovered (to my external hard drive) what seemed to be the needed file, after recovery it showed up as Act! (15,382kb) plus 2 files named ACT! 001.frd, and ACT! 004.frd. These also showed 15,382.


I opened Act and it would not restore the ACT!, so i removed the .frd and it still would not work




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Re: Cannot restore or Open my database

If you downloaded and installed a software product like PC Tools after deleting the file, it's likely that it will have overwritten the file itself.


If you can't find the ALF/ADF files, you may have lost your database.... and doing ANYHTING on the machine can make it less likely that it can be recovered.


I suggest you have a PC expert have a look at the PC