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Cannot open database

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Cannot open database

I hope someone can help me with this problem.


I purchased Act Pro 17 and set up my database.  then had some unrelated issues with my laptop and had to have it reimaged. I backed up my hard drive which included the folder that contained my Act files. The backup was of all files, not via the Act method.


My Laptop is an HP running Windows 7.


When I reinstalled Act I was unable to open my database, receiving messages that it may have been moved or deleted.


I have read some posts in different forums suggesting that I have to create a new file to point at the database; however I have no idea how to do this and whether I need to move the database to somewhere other than the extrenal harddrive where it was backedup to.


Any assistance will be appreciated.


Regards - Neale

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Re: Cannot open database

I may not have good news for you. You may not have actually backed up your ACT! database. The SQL server starts at boot time and opens all connected databases. The ACT! program doesn't control the actual opening of the database, it simply connects to the already open database. Many system backup programs don't backup open files so your database may not be included in your backup. At this point you need to do a search for *.ADF to see if you can find the actual database file. If you do find the ADF file, use the ADF option in the ACT! program to open the database

Roy Laudenslager
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