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Cannot make Contact fields mandatory

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Cannot make Contact fields mandatory

Hi, we are using Act! 2007 and have come across a small issue which i am hoping someone has a solution for.


We have been drilling into our users a standard procedure to first check for a company/contact in the db, then if needed, create the new company and create the contact from the company (Company | Create contact from company).


This has resulted in far less duplicated contacts, cleaner data, etc, etc.  However i have just discovered that if you create a new contact in this fashion, mandatory fields are not mandatory.


If i create a new contact via INS (or Contacts | New Contact), the mandatory fields all work as they should, but not when a contact is created from a company.  Is there a fix for this that anyone is aware of?  With close to 50 users who are slowly realising they can save an incomplete contact record, we are starting to see bad habits form again (i.e no email addresses, etc).


Any help would be appreciated.





Nickel Elite Contributor
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Re: Cannot make Contact fields mandatory

Hello Michael,


Put things in reverse a bit. I think this will solve your problem? I could be wrong, I was once before.

Create your Contact Record FIRST(Contact/New Contact).


 If no Company record exist,

 Create a Company record from your Contact record( Companies/Create Company from Contact record)..

   If a Company record does already exist, just use; (Companies/Company Membership/Add Selected to Company) option..

Then; your Mandatory fields in your Contact Record should behave as desired.  Cheers -FSB

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