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Cannot email to more than 75 email addresses

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Cannot email to more than 75 email addresses

I have ACT 2010 and cannot email to more than 75 email addresses out of ACT Email.  Do you know if there is any fix for this issue?  This is a huge limitation from ACT.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Re: Cannot email to more than 75 email addresses

I can't email more than about 75 email addresses out of ACT!, but it's not because of ACT! - it's because my internet provider, like most internet providers, has imposed limits to prevent spamming.  I used to have Comcast and now have Verizon Fios but their limits are about the same.  Here's a link to a good online article about those limits.


ON the other hand, you could be experiencing some problem with ACT! - can't tell until you post some details - what happens to emails 76, 77 and so on?  Do you get any type of error?


Have you tried doing the same emailing but using Outlook - do you get the same results?


This, along with a bunch of other good reasons, is why I and most people use an EMarketing/Email Blast service like SwiftPage Email because they are not subject to ISP limits in the way that we are.  That, plus getting results back into the history of each recipient including a ranking, adhering to the CAN-SPAM ACT!, visually seeing the results of your effectiveness all make SwiftPage Email a great investment.