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Cannot access shared database from second computer

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Cannot access shared database from second computer

Hi.  This is my first post.  We set up an Act database with Act for Windows 2010 in April 2010 that is shared with one other PC on the network.  We have two licenses and Act is installed on both PCs.  The database was set up on the main PC and then was shared so the second PC could get to the same database.  We actually got help from Act support with the 30 day free startup support to share the database and they were great. 


From April, everything worked fine and both PCs had no trouble working in the shared database.  For some reason, the second PC could not access the shared database starting last Wed.  The following error message appears after seeing a blank screen for about 60 seconds- "Error: "The database <Database name> could not be accessed. In order to access this database, check your network connection and verify that your database server is available. It may be necessary to disable any firewall software..."  I checked the ACT knowledge base and found an article to address this problem and I started goign down the list to try to get the second PC working again.   From the second PC I can access other files in the databases folder on the main computer.  So I know the permissions are okay.  I checked the SQL server instance and it is okay.  I recreated the PAD file but still the second PC cannot open the Act database.  It can open other Act databases, such as the demo and a previous version of the database when I was setting it all up in April.  So Act appears to be okay.  I also removed the share flag and reset it and that didn't help either.  I also ran the repair utility on the database.


Does anyone know why, all of a sudden, a shared database would stop working from the secondary PC?  We are not aware of any changes made to the first PC or secodn PC but this problem appears to be originating from the main PC because it is not having any problems with the shared database.  Any suggestions you can offer would be greatly appreciated!  The database only has about 12500 records in it.  We use Act every day and have had no problems until this past week.