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Cannot Activate Sage Act V16

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Cannot Activate Sage Act V16

I have purchased a legitimate copy of Sage Act V16 and started using it on a Dell Latitude computer. About 6 months ago I upgraded to a Dell Precision M6700 and reinstalled Act V16 at which time I had to reactivate the product again.


Recently I just upgraded my Precision from Windows 7 to Windows 8.1 and ran into a problem where a link I clicked installed that bloody Conduit Search Engine. I used malwarebytes, but needless to say I was into 3 formats of this machine because I discovered it was a corrupted .exe file that was doing it. However, each time this happened I reactivate Act again and again, which worked by the way although I still only have the one copy of Act.


After working through the problem on my last install Act will not let me activate it now. The serial number I am using is the one I purchased so it is legit. However, the tech support I bought with the Key has since expired.


Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Cannot Activate Sage Act V16

Might be worth checking out this link from the knowledge base





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Re: Cannot Activate Sage Act V16



If the link above is not workiing, you need to call swiftpage and ask for a reactivation of the key. every key has a certan amount of allowed installs, after that, you need to call and ask them to allow additional installs.



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Re: Cannot Activate Sage Act V16

No worries, found out that you can only have 3 activations for Act V16 and I burnt them up reformatting and then reinstalling Act V16

I called Act Tech Support and they were nice enough to reset it for me.





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Re: Cannot Activate Sage Act V16

Act is now a catastrophe, called to get the counter key, as my version would not install, the guy in tech support refused to give me the key and refused to allow me to speak with his manager.

basically in a nutshell

they've cheated me out of my money, i cant use my 99 year license 

and that is a license violation. I cant understand why, these guys are allowed to sell this product in the united states.

Clearly this is a company on the way to insolvency.


I am going to try to sue them before they go under so that I can be first in the liquidation.


A company that acts this way towards his customers, does not deserve to be. 


What I will do, is take them to small claims court here in NYC for the money I paid, and will ask the court to award me the balance $8,000 in punitive damages.

I wish I could do more, but that is the limit on prose actions.


With my warmest regards, I want to congratulate act in its visionary attitude and long term relationship building. They make the software but surely they dont use it.

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Re: Cannot Activate Sage Act V16

You are not alone in your anger with Swiftpage. I think they are on thin ice as they sold the product as having a "Perpetual Licence" which it clearly is not for older versions.


A similar case is being prepared for court in the UK so will be interesting to see the outcome of both actions.