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Can't open ACT 2008 database in ACT 2009

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Can't open ACT 2008 database in ACT 2009

I am trying to open a database created in ACT 2008 on a machine that has ACT 2009 installed. I get the error message "The database <database name> could not be accessed. In order to access this database, check your network connection..."


I have searched the Knowledgebase and Google and cannot find a response that helps. 


Can anyone point me in the same direction. I have been able to export my contacts into a text file to get them into a new database on ACT 2009, but then I lose groups, forms, etc.


Thanks in advance.


Nickel Super Contributor
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Re: Can't open ACT 2008 database in ACT 2009


How did you put the ACT! 2008 database on to the ACT! 2009 machine, did you do it by restoring an ACT! backup zip file or did you just copy the files from one machine on to this one?


If you just copied them then delete the pad file and then within ACT!, File ->  Open Change the File Type to ADF, and then browse o where the files reside and then open open the database ADF file. This will check the database and create a new PAD file. You will also need to upgrade the ACT! database o the 2009 version.