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Can't get custom field to print

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Can't get custom field to print

I am using ACT! by Sage 2008 (10.0) Version I have created a custom text field under the User Fields tab called 2008 Donations, where I have entered the dollar amount of donations received from group members in 2008. Now I want to send donors a letter of thanks (I use Word 2003 as my word processor), and I want to do a mail merge to all members of the donor group and insert the amount of their donation in the text of the letter. I have said "...thanks for your donation of <2008 Donations>." 


While all the normal contact/address, etc. fields print as expected, the custom field amounts will not. Instead, all I get in the merge is <2008 Donations> instead of $100, $50, or whatever.


Is there a solution? Many thanks!

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Re: Can't get custom field to print

Did you add the field from the field list or just type in <2008 Donations>?