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Can't delete redundant ACT2012 database.

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Re: Can't delete redundant ACT2012 database.


Act would not open the faulty file which ever way I went about it, it was fundamentally flawed.

Went the diasble UAC route, see reply below.

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Re: Can't delete redundant ACT2012 database.

Hi Gregg, when i go to actdiag, then database list, i see the database i need to delete but when i right click on it or click on the actions button to delete i get this : "unable to cast object of type 'system.dbnull' to type 'system.string' act"

Please help!!

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Re: Can't delete redundant ACT2012 database.

Hi Adrian, have you tried the solution suggested in this thread? Just to give you another option, we have seen the problem you describe caused by a damaged PAD file. To check this, please perform the following steps:



  • Navigate to your database PAD file Note: The default location is Documents\ACT\ACT Data\Databases
  • Right click on the PAD file and select delete
  • Locate the ADF file for your database and double click on it
  • Once the database is open, close Act!
  • You should now be able to open ACTDiag and select the database