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Can't create new opportunities in act

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Can't create new opportunities in act

If anyone could help me, I would be forever grateful. 


Act version info - 

Act! Premium Version, Update 4
English (United States)
Swiftpage ACT! LLC
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Our database works fine in every other way. We can create new companies, new contacts new tasks and new groups. However, the most important part of our database, the opportunity list, is not allowing us to create any new opportunities. I've tried this on multiple user accounts. Every time you create an opportunity, after you leave the new opportunity it is not created or logged into the database. 


The problem is not filters. I have filters set so all opportunities appear, and still cannot see them. 

The problem is not mandatory fields. I have tried filling in every field and the opportunity still does not change. 

The issue is not from syncing. We can still create new contacts/companies/tasks/groups and they appear for everyone else on the database as normal. 

Existing opportunities can still be updated - stages can be changed, contacts can be added, etc. 

If we try and create a new opportunity, and create a new contact from the opportunity page to attach to it by going to add contacts on the contacts tab in the new opportunity - the new contact is not actually created. But we can create new contacts from the contact page. 


The only hint that I can get is if I try and add an existing contact to the new opportunity. When I do that I get the following error message - 


The INSERT statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint "CONTACT_OPPORTUNITY_OPPORTUNITYID_FK". The conflict occurred in database "DATABASENAME", table "dbo.TBL_OPPORTUNITY", column 'OPPORTUNITYID'. The statement has been terminated. 


Which I take to mean that the contact cannot be added because the opportunity does not exist in the database. 


I am not receiving any kind of error or indication as to why the opportunity is not appearing when I leave the new opportunity page. I try and create an opportunity the same way we always have, and when you leave the page it simply doesn't exist. We depend on act as a project pipeline more than anything else. This has completely destroyed our ability to utilize our database. We just came back from a conference where we brought a new service were offering to our industry contacts that went extremely well. Now we have no way to track the 30 or so opportunities we have just found. 

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Re: Can't create new opportunities in act

Does no-one have any idea what's going on?

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Re: Can't create new opportunities in act

In V18 (and V19) an error crept into the program which meant that if anyone ticked the create history option for the locked fields in the opportunity table it would break the database opportunity function to create new opportunities. Your experience does closely follow the expected result of this problem so please look to see if this was tried. The worse news is this is non-recoverable using normal repair tools but I think ACT Support could be asked to help at no charge as this was a very bad programing error.


I hope there is another explanation for your problem but felt I had to make you aware.