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Can't connect to database after Microsoft update? - read this post.

Nickel Elite Contributor
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Can't connect to database after Microsoft update? - read this post.

OK, first disclaimer - there *could* be many reasons for you not connecting to a database, and there are many good articles on the ACT Knowledge Base site, so that should definitely be a stop on the troubleshooting tour.  However, I have received quite a few calls this week for this issue, and in my experience there is one solution/reason for this:


When Microsoft does an update, it sometimes stops the SQL Server service, which is what "holds" the ACT! database.  Furthermore, this service does not automatically start the next time you restart your computer.  So, the next time you go to start ACT!, the program starts, but does not bring up your database, and you will get messages telling you to check your network connection, disable firewall, and other generic connection messages.

  1. Either go to Start>Run, and type in services.msc, or right-click on My Computer, choose Manage, and then find the Services menu item. 
  2. Scroll down to SQL Server (ACT7)
  3. Check the third column, which is Status, and ensure it's status is Started.  If not, start it.
  4. Addtionally, you might want to right-click that service, choose Properties, and make sure the Startup type is Automatic.


Anyway, hope this helps...

Richard Brust
ACT! Certified Consultant