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Can't Access Shared Database

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Can't Access Shared Database

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Hello ghollister, I have the same issue for a client and they have the following setup


Windows 7 pro on both machines

One PC is NEW and running as the host PC

The other PC is older and is the PC that needs to connect over the network to ACT

I have turned on the SHARE mode in act

The HOST PC has a firewall ( windows ) that I have added and configured several times ( the needed programs and ports recommended )

THE HOST PC has Microsoft security essentials as its virus software ... ( I have not done any changes to that as I don't know how )

The HOST PC drives as shared on the network and accessible from all machines on the network ...


However I am getting the same error from this thread that the files are inaccessible possibly due to the firewall ... PLEASE help ... This is driving me crazy


Thanks SO much


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Re: Can't Access Shared Database

You can take ACT out of the picture by making sure you can open the ACT database location from the other machine via windows explorer.  The windows permissions on the host computer need to be set such that you can read and write to the folder on the host computer.  You alsom might turn off windows firewall for your testing purposes. 


If you are unable to access the folders via windows explorer, ACT isn't going to work you have to solve that issue first.

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