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Can some please advise

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Can some please advise

Dear All. I bought Act 2013 as It says that it works with Google. Its does to but only a little bit. I have used Gmail for 2 years with my business hence my upgrade to Act 2013. I have been advised that Outlook 2010 works better with Act 2013, so moved to Outlook which I hate. Email cant be pushed to my Google phone etc. I run a small accounting practice, and my wish was to have all the data in one place using ACT 2013 being central to this. I want to be able to have emails, letters in thier contacts. I am going to use Scan & Organize Act add-on to help scan incoming documents. I want to use the email marketing for clients and marketing new clients, thats about it. I just want someone to be honest am I asking too much from ACT 2013. I miss not having my push emails and google mail, but reading the horror stories of other users it would appear that ACT is a problem on Outlook and Google. I have seen an add on called Xact Gmail Button which may solve my emailing from act using Gmail. I dont know and have not tried it yet as I have lost so many hours of work trying to sort this out. Could someone please say which system Outlook or Google would be better for what I really want. I have left emails with Sage Act support, as yet still no reply. I would welcome any help in this matter as I am getting fed up with ACT 2013.

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Re: Can some please advise

Hello Andyphil,

Welcome to the ACT! Community!


While I can't definitively say which system you should be using, I'll provide some information which may help you determine the appropriate direction. 


Gmail integration: 

- Current integration includes the recording of all e-mails sent/received, but does not provide a direct interface for advanced email processes. 

- There are 2 options for sending an e-mail from within Sage ACT! through Google.  One is the Xact Gmail Button you mentioned, the other is using the existing Web Info tab and the instructions within this article: KB Article 28215

- Using either method will only allow the sending of an email to the current contact displayed in Sage ACT!.  Note: you can manually type in other addresses. 

- There is no selection for sending to Current Lookup, Groups, Companies, or All Contacts.  Nor can you send using the 'E-mail Message (from template)' or Mail Merge option.


Outlook e-mail integration:

- Records all emails sent from ACT! or Outlook (based on e-mail setup preferences).  Outlook 'rule' can be defined to attach incoming/received emails automatically: KB Article 23020

- Can create ACT! contacts from Outlook emails

- Can create ACT! activities from Outlook emails

- Send options include Current Lookup, Groups, Companies, or All Contacts

- Can perform 'E-mail Message (from template)' and Mail Merge.


Outlook can be configured to use Gmail; ACT! Internet Mail cannot be configured to use Gmail due to Google using ports other than 110 and 25.


If you configure Outlook with Gmail, be sure to disable the Gmail integration within Sage ACT! - it could cause duplicated recording of emails in the History.


For email marketing, you may be referring to either 'Mail Merge' or 'Sage E-marketing for ACT!'.  The Mail Merge option would only be available when using Outlook, it will not interface directly with Google E-mail.  Sage E-markeing for ACT! is independent of your email system setup, it would be unaffected by your use of Gmail or Outlook.


I hope that helps.

Greg Martin
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Re: Can some please advise

Hi Martin,


Thank you so much for your reply. I have just spoken to Sharon at addonstore and she said she would look into it and mentioned a product called Companion link so will look at that this weekend. You message has given me food for thought as I just want to nail this down so that the software is almost working the way I want to work rather than me having to word around the software all the time.


Thanks again