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Can Recieve Mail but can not send on ACT

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Can Recieve Mail but can not send on ACT

How Come I am able to receive mail on Act but Can not Send?   ALso is there anyone who can help our company with all of the "bugs" that are in this system?  We have it up and running but everyday another problem occurs.  I would really like it if someone who has this runnning succesfully could contact me and give us some support   ( Will Pay)  we have already bought the support from ACT and that was no help!  We also have Outlook that we are trying to transfer to ACT  So anyone that could HELP please do!
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Re: Can Recieve Mail but can not send on ACT

What version of ACT! (full build from Help | about)?
What email client have you set up with ACT!?
If ACT! 10 and Outlook, you can set up ACT! so everything email is done in Outlook. This is usually the best option
You can get the best help from an ACT! Certified Consultant from the list (if in North America) at