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Can I resell my ACT Premium Licenses?

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Can I resell my ACT Premium Licenses?

I have 3 licenses to ACT Premium, desktop version. I am only using 1 and may be switching to another CRM product. Is it possible to re-sell these licenses to another user? If so, how?


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Re: Can I resell my ACT Premium Licenses?

Hi topaz99


Most software companies' EULA states that they own the license and you have perpetual use rights.  



The first question I would ask is if either of the other 2 licenses have been registered.  If not, then you should have no problem selling the license since the new owner will be the initial registration.


Maybe someone from SwiftPage will chime in and confirm what your rights are?  


On the other hand, I wonder if you can give the licenses away, so to speak.  

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Re: Can I resell my ACT Premium Licenses?

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I think the answer in this case is NO if it is a single licence number cover 3 users. See below for different options or if separate licences.


It might be a different matter if you wanted to sell on as a complete package but if you only have 1 licence number that cover all 3 Users there is no way you can assign 2 Users of them to a different organisation.


If you did sell on as a complete package you would have to get Swiftpages approval and re-register to the new owner with them.


You can not assign -


1/ If any one is still using the licence at the original registration organisation.


2/ If the licence has been used to obtain a new upgrade licence for a newer version.


Again that's my take on it but it would be helpful if Swiftpage also comments.

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Re: Can I resell my ACT Premium Licenses?



I have taken a section Out of our End User Licence Agreement  that i hope clears this up.


4.11 You cannot transfer the software (including this agreement) to any other person or organisation.  For example, you cannot sell it if you no longer want to use it, and if you become insolvent, an insolvency practitioner may not pass on the software as part of your business assets.