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Can I find an exported Lookup?

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Can I find an exported Lookup?

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SO.  I spent a whole day sifting through our ACT! DB (V17) to create a lookup of 527 records, I exported them into another ACT! DB and then the system froze and shut down before I could delete the records I had exported from the original DB. 


Is there any way I can get that list back so I can delete it? 


Fingers crossed!

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Re: Can I find an exported Lookup?

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Hi Rhona,


There is a Lookup > Previous menu option, however this list is emptied when Act is restarted.


Unless you saved the lookup, you won't be able to run it again without rebuilding it.


Another option to get a lookup of these contacts, would be to create a new field in your new DB which would be used as a marker field, then lookup all the contacts you have imported (you can use the Import Date field), and use the Edit > Replace Field tool to enter a value i.e. "Delete". You would then create the same field in the original DB, then perform an import of the contacts in the new DB. Make sure the marker fields are matched together in the field mapping stage, and the merge options are set like those in the screenshot below:


After this has completed, you would then be able to lookup the contacts which have the value you chose in the marker field you created. This should then leave you with a list of the contacts you added to the new DB that also exist in your original DB, which you could delete. You can then also delete the marker field.

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Re: Can I find an exported Lookup?

If you have an unused User field in ACT (Or if not create a new field called tag.)


Now add a new column to your export called tag. Put the word Tag in all cells in this column.


Now import back the de-duplication fields that ACT uses plus the tag column.


Tell it to merge data and not add and link your tag column to either the unused User field or your new Tag field.


When you have finished look up "tag" in the field you imported it into and there are your exported records.