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Can I change several fields all at once?

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Can I change several fields all at once?

I often have to change a couple of hundred fields from one line of text to another.  And it is obviously very time consuming to do each one edit mode in the contact list!  Is there a way I can select all the field that I want to contain the specific text and change them all at once? Thanks

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Re: Can I change several fields all at once?

If I am understanding exactly what you are looking to do, you can do this with a feature in Act!


Do a lookup resulting in the contact records that you want to change.  From the Edit menu you will find 'Replace Field'.  In the dialog, select the field that you need to replace/update and then enter the value desired.  Act! will then replace the contents of the selected field with you new value on all records in the lookup.


Repeat for the other fields you need to update.