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Can ACT! do the simple thing I need? (Pre-purchase question)

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Can ACT! do the simple thing I need? (Pre-purchase question)

Hey guys,


We have a small office of about 12 computers. The email hosting is off site by go daddy. Everyone is using Outlook. All we need is to be able to have one contacts database that can be accessed by all 12 computers in Outlook. They also all need to be able to add and delete contacts.


I know very little of ACT. Can it facilitate this? Is it the best solution for what I am describing? If so, any links/and/or general information on what version of ACT I will need, the expected costs, and tutorials on how to set this up would be excellent.




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Re: Can ACT! do the simple thing I need? (Pre-purchase question)

Hello Grant.


Depending on your networking capabilities and application support capabilities, ACT can do what you want and more.  If you either have time limitations or are not technical in nature, then you might want to consider working with one of the consultants who frequent this board. 


The other popular program is Goldmine.  It definitely needs more back-end work than ACT does.  There are things I liked about GM, but right now ACT is filling the bill for me, sing GM doesn't support the single user like ACT does.


Good luck.

John Purdy
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