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Can ACT! Request contacts to update profile?

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Can ACT! Request contacts to update profile?

Can someone tell me if ACT! (or any version of ACT!) has a "send e-mail request for contacts to update their profile information online" feature?


I know and Plaxo have these kind of features.. 


Thank you in advance..

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Re: Can ACT! Request contacts to update profile?

The ACT! system doesn't provide for external Contacts to update their profile information. and Plaxo enable this because they are essentially 'cloud computing' (true web based) services whereas ACT!'s heritage is more as a hard network based system. Although there is a Web interface available (ACT! Premium for Web), it is not designed (nor does the ACT! license model support) direct access by Contacts.


It might be that developers create some kind of limited web interface going forward, but at the current time there isnt much of this around. One exception which may present an opportunity for you could be ACT! eMarketing, embedded in ACT! 2010 (and available as a bolt-on with previous versions). This is basically an integration of the third-party component 'Swiftpage email' which features a 'Survey Form' element. This provides for the creation of simple web based forms to which you may create hyperlinks from web pages or emails etc.


Contacts may complete forms themselves and the data collected by these forms is retained within your Swiftpage account. The integration component includes a feature which allows you to subsequently create a new ACT! Contact record from the form data semi-automatically.


It might be that you can engineer a 'process' using this technology that would assist you in achieving your aim:

  1. Create an ACT! eMarketing (or normal ACT!/Outlook) email template that allows you to email Contacts and confirm the details of data you have recorded about them with a hyperlink to a Survey Form as mentioned above. Thye would follow the hyperlink where it is necessary for them to update their data.
  2. Contacts complete the form and the new data is recorded in your ACT! eMarketing (Swiftpage) database.
  3. Use the ACT! eMarketing tool to create a new ACT! record for the Contact.
  4. Use the ACT! 'Scan for Duplicates' feature to identify the existing Contact record and the new one, and then merge the two together, updating the existing Contact record with any changed data.

Bit of a fumble but workable dependent upon the volume of updates you'd be facing.



Will Ingleby
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Re: Can ACT! Request contacts to update profile?

Thanks WIll...