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Calender Questions

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Calender Questions

Is there a way to have the month view calender window open at start up as do the task list, contact and contact windows do?


More importantly, is there a way to have the calender month view sort by priority, showing high priority tasks first?  Otherwise the low priority items "hide" the higher ones.



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Re: Calender Questions

Unfortunately the answer to both of your questions is no.  You cannot have Act! open to the Calendar and cannot sort the monthly calendar view by priority.

If you use the Task List view, you can sort by priority.  Use the filters to look at the current day and then click on the column heading for Priority and it will sort the list accordingly.


If you would like to submit this as a feature request it can be done through the Ideas Forum/Share Your Ideas forum (Share Your Ideas link).  Submitting a request allows other community members to comment and vote on it.

Greg Martin
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Re: Calender Questions

In the Calender Day View, the previous version of ACT would list the tasks from top to bottom in order of prioirity automatically; why would ACT! Premium not have that feature?