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Calendar view not correct

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Calendar view not correct

Whenever I view my calendar from the left menu, the calendar does not show the correct month or year and does not have a way to back up the months via the left side. There is no way to move the view backwards as I cannot see the left side of the window. If I right click on the months, I can choose the correct month, but then I cannot see the tasks or meetings listed. I can see a mini view on each line, but not the actual data. It is as if the calendar window is too big on the left side of the screen. So how do I get the calendar to quit moving the months ahead each time I activate it and how do I access the left side of the screen to move it back? Best, Scribe
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Re: Calendar view not correct

What version of ACT! (full build from Help | about)?
Can you open the demo database and try it. Does the same thing happen?