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Calendar and Activities

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Calendar and Activities

Hi..I want to be able to indicate on my Calendar AND in the AND the Activity screen under the contact, whether or not the client showed up for an appointment.  How would I do this without have to manually type it in both places?

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Re: Calendar and Activities

When you create an activity, depending upon the filter settings per view, it will show in the Calendars, the Task List and the Activity tab(s) of the related Contact(s).


Being that you want to signify that a client showed, this would indicate that the activity/meeting has occured (how could you know if they showed or not if it is still future?).


Creating a custom activity allows you to create custom result types and you could have one that was "Client Attended" and another "Client Did Not Attend", or along those lines.


If creating a custom activity is not a good option, than you could resort to appending a value to the end of your Regarding field that indicates what occured.  Keep it short to minimize the amount of keying... 


Keep in mind, once you complete an acitivity, it creates a history record, and generally it is easier to view the results of the item from the History tabs...