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Calendar Type

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Calendar Type

HOW and WHY did "Appointment" make it into scheduling an activity? And WHY does it default to this?  NEVER use Appointments. Isn't this the same as a schedulied meeting?


Ok, if I am a hairsylist or something, but I am in sales, and ACT is for ales right? We have calls, meetings, to-do's, maybe a vacation and personal time. This is creating manual work for me each time i schedule and activity now.


Suggestion: Get rid of it. If not, then enable the user in preferences to choose which activity type to default to when creating a new activity. PLEASE!!!

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Re: Calendar Type

The How and Why of 'Appointment' is due to the synchronization with Outlook.  The default type for an Outlook activity is 'Appointment', so it had to be in the Act! types also.  It just happens to be first alphabetically.


As a work-around, the folks at Exponencial have created a free add-on that allows you to set the default type:

Greg Martin