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Calendar Alternatives When Using iPhone/iPad

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Calendar Alternatives When Using iPhone/iPad

I'm using HHC to access my info while on the road. I have to say I really hate the calendar in this tool as I do the native ios app because when looking at the calendar in weekly view, it doesn't allow me to touch the screen on a specific time to set my appointment. Instead, I have to click the + sign and then scroll to select the time.

Given that these smart mobile devices have touch screen, you would think they would allow you to touch or drag on the weekly view to create your appointment.

As such, I'm wondering what other alternatives we may have for our mobile device whereby it still uses the built on Dbase of the ios calendar app so that when it syncs with outlook, it has the proper setup. I figure that way I could just sync from outlook back into my sage act database.

Either way I need to find a solution to this. Any ideas/suggestions?
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Re: Calendar Alternatives When Using iPhone/iPad

The problem with sync'ing via Outlook (or to the native phone calendar) is that Outlook doesn't have the necessary fields (like linking activities to contacts) and will usually end u producing duplicates in ACT! as it doesn't always know if a changed activity is the same as the original one.

Not sure about the iOS version, but touching the screen on the weekly calendar of Handheld Contact for Android does create the activity at that time - dragging scrolls the calendar

Maybe that's an issue with the Ale OS
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Re: Calendar Alternatives When Using iPhone/iPad

Have you looked at eXact Contacts?
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Re: Calendar Alternatives When Using iPhone/iPad

I use DejaOffice for Android. They have an iOS version of this app. The app is free but to get the most out of it you probably need to use their Companionlink program which you have pay for. They offer a free 14 day trial of both.