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CVS Data Not Importing into ACT v18

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CVS Data Not Importing into ACT v18

ACT v18 is not importing a CVS data into Contact with newly created field add to the layout.


I have a number of contacts whose phone numbers, extensions, and email has changed.

When mapping the CVS fields into a newly created database, the CVS fields are imported

into the newly created fields (the new database only has the record user) and imports the 

contacts from the CVS file.


However, when importing the CVS file data into the existing database which has then newly

modified layout with the new fields for the new phone number, new extension, new email,

the data is not imported into the newly created layout fields.


What's strange is the data imported for two of the existing contacts but not the remainder.


Attached is a copy of the layout with the added filed  "Direct Phone", "Direct Ext" field , "last name" "first name".

Also why are some fields grayed?


Please help with detailed steps to identify this issue.    Thank you.

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Re: CVS Data Not Importing into ACT v18

These are some ideas -  Import and / or update records from a CSV file


Remember to backup the database































Now we are going to put the phone number to those contacts that already exist in the Act! Database.











We only want to combine contact information, we do not pretend that new contacts are created




I hope this gives you a better idea about importing or updating contacts from a CSV file



...If this answered your question, please click on THIS POST ANSWERED MY QUESTION - Best regards and Good luck






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Re: CVS Data Not Importing into ACT v18

Thanks for the Detail Steps with Pictures; still having issue.

Still did not import


Does it make a difference if the CVS file data is text or number when importing into an ACT field??

Does it make a difference if the Newly created Act field defaults to character value and not a number

None of the following attempts worked:

      1) Tried to import into ACT Demo with newly created defined fields

            First Added my name as a contact to the Demo Database

            Then did an import of CVS data searching on last name with Merge if last name is a duplicate and Add if last name is not in the destination ACT db

             the import did not add data to my existing contact information but added me as a new contact with the information in the newly created fields


       2)  Save As Copy of the database made sure the new fields are in the table for defined fields.  Still did not import


Duplicate Checking Contacts: I only select last name 

Duplicate is searched only one Contact Last Name found:

Merge data when duplicate last name is found

Add Data if Last Name is not found

For Field Type: left as the default "character"  also tried "Phone" as the field character and both did not import CVS data into new fields


Thought it abnormal the ACT DEMO database imported all the contacts and the new fields and did not merge my new phone number and new ext into the destination contact but added me as a new contact


DO NEED HELP....thanks