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COmpany email address (field)

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Re: COmpany email address (field)

Hi CEM. 


I've been reading through this thread and have given it some thought regarding a eMail address in the company record. 


First, I agree with others that this is a contact database and not a company database.  The company was added after a lot of pressure from users who were using such products as Goldmine.  I was one of rhem.  Unforunately Goldmine dropped their appreciation for the single user which caused me to come back to ACT.


OK, it is not a perfect program, but look at it's capabilities and it's cost.  You get a lot for the money, especially when it goes on sale. 


Now, I don't use info or sales; however, I understand your need.  For all of my companies, I have created a contact called Useful Information.  I use that contact to collect information that is useful but not associated with any one contact.  Yes, this is a work around, but it is very useful -- -pun intended.


I recently took my son to Home Depot with the intention of finding alternative uses for products there.  We found a tie down strap that has a lever that allows the user to add additional pressure to the strap.  I suggested that one of these could be used to put pressure on a limb that I was cutting from a tree to insure that it falls a different direction and not on my neighbor.s tree.  Not its initial use, but one that worked for me.  I would suggest that you consider adding a contact to take care of holding the "info or sales @" fields -- not its intented use but one that may work for you.


This is my 2 cents worth and folks generally offer me change.  Hope this helps.







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Re: COmpany email address (field)

Have read this thread with interest, I also am an ACT Consultant and have had several clients asking for this functionality.  For the purists among us I definately agree that there should be a generic (catchall) email address in the Company screen but I can also see the value of a 'General Contact'  contact to catch this. It still allows you to catch all those generic emails while allowing us to use what must certainly be defined as one of the most cost effective pieces of business software that is available, so on balance I think I'll happily recommend my clients to utilist this simple 'work around'.




Rob Spijkerman
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Re: COmpany email address (field)

I frequently get the request for email address in company table.  It sounds nice to say that we are dealing with people not companies but the reality is that a lot (if not most and certainly most small companies) start out with nothing more than a company name.  They may go through several touches until they get to the person they need to build a relationship with.  That's when they want to track person-to-person contact but they don't like "losing" the non-contact specific info.  They don't want to create a contact record for every single person they speak with.  Once they get to the right person, that's when they start using the contact table. 


I have one client that had to have a company email field in order to populate a template (used Topline Designer because we had multiple contact info, plan info, and company info that all had to be on the merged document).  I created a character field called "e-mail" so that they could type it in for the document merge.  They copy the email address and then create a contact from company.  When they get to the contact screen, they paste the email address into the Contact email field and then click on the company name to get back to the company detail.  Not as cumbersome as it sounds but it would be nice if it was an available field type to avoid some of the going back and forth.


I have two other clients that are company-focused.  One insists on using the contact table with lots of records with no contact name because the contact table has all the functionality and there is a usable email field.  They use the email address less for person-to-person contact and more for information distribution.  No contact name makes imports a challenge but they insist.


More functionality in the Company table would be nice.


Leanne Evans