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CCH/ChartFX and Act! 2012 Pro Conflict

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CCH/ChartFX and Act! 2012 Pro Conflict

I have an Act! user who also uses CCH Tax Software system.


This is causing a clash which has been described as involving a common component in CCH system called ChartFX.


ChartFX is an external component that we use but Sage ACT also uses a different version of it.  We install the version we require into the Deploy folder, thus not affecting any other products, unfortunately Sage installs their version into a ‘communal’ area of the PC known as the GAC, Global Assembly Cache, thus overriding the version that we install and use within our product folder.  SoftwareFX (makers of ChartFX) have stated that installing their components into the GAC is not recommended (


They have said you will either need to remove Sage ACT from your PC, or click on the error message each time.  You may decide to remove the Sage version of ChartFX, details are below.  If you decide to do this, please contact Sage to ascertain what impact this will have on their system.


Has anyone come across this and perhaps suggest a solution.

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